Cloud Apotion – It’s Change Management

Cloud Apotion – It’s Change Management

Random Cloud Thoughts

I attended an interesting event yesterday – ‘Building Trust in Cloud’, hosted by EuroCloud. The core discussion was around security in the cloud and there were representatives from IBM and X-Tech to address the issue from opposite sides of the spectrum (large and small company perspective). And Datamolino – a cool start-up showed their online invoice and document management software (check them out!).

The issue of ‘trust’ in the Cloud was discussed and debated as Austria lags behind other markets in technology adoption. While all markets are not as slow to adopt as Austria, the concern is one that many markets are experiencing to varying degrees as vendors try to raise the market’s comfort level and create confidence in the Cloud. I’m surprised that more often than not, this conversion continues to be a technical one.


Moving to the cloud requires more than just accessing your technology in a different way with a different pricing plan. This is a business model change – a transformation. With all change management programs, the target audience never buys-in until they can envision themselves in the changed state.

What does this mean? People will not move from the status quo until a picture is painted for them – that they like. Until they can clearly see what their company would look like, how it would behave and what would be different and assumably better in this ‘using the Cloud’ state.

It is a bit more than case studies and proof points. Yes, it helps if big Brand names have done this, but it helps more to know how this change would manifest itself in their company and how they would function.

  • What would be different?
  • Would we need new processes?
  • How would we be organised?
  • How would we get there?


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